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Akralabs is a UGL pharma company founded 2011 in western europe. The project was started from athlets for athlets. The company wants to make it possible for all athletes in Europe to get high-quality pharmaceutical products cheaply and without a prescription.

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We Provide All Aspects Of Science Research

All of our products are lab tested and are never sold without a lab analysis.
This makes us one of the leading UGL companies in the world


Biochemistry Solution

We always produce our products according to the same principle. This enables us to guarantee the best possible quality over the long term.

Pharmaceutical Research

We are always looking for the best new products for the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle. In the future we will also offer SARMs.

Janoshik Testing

Our products are tested directly after production at Janoshik Analytics. This means that we can always guarantee high-purity products.

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We offer the best prices for resellers. Also we offer a dropship service for all our products. Feel free to contact us.

The minimum amount of orders for resellers are 2.500,00€.

Medical Laboratory Technician

We produce our products only with high class ISO 9001 standard machines.

High-End Latest Technology

Janoshik lab reports from every product ensures that customers trusts our products.

We Are The Trusted Anabolic Steroid Experts

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Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have.

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